We have over 25 years experience in printing for the trade. This site is primarily aimed at our trade clients such as other printers and designers offering the most competitive trade print prices, allowing you, the trade, to compete in a heavily competitive print market while allowing a high profit margin for yourselves.

All our print is carried out to full ISO standards on the latest litho printing presses, so you can rest assured you will always get consistent, perfect quality print along with the lowest prices in the U.K. - GUARANTEED (if you find cheaper 'like for like' prices we will beat that price).


Multicolour offers high quality leaflet printing and flyer printing at the most competitive prices in the UK. Our leaflets are printed on high quality 130gsm gloss paper or 300gsm gloss board on the latest litho printing presses. Our leaflet print is at the highest resolution currently available for the best leaflet print. Leaflet printing and flyer printing is a very competitive market especially on the internet, so please be sure to check the print quality or paper stock being used by our competitors. We don't like the term 'cheap leaflets' or 'cheap flyers' as people assume that the term 'cheap leaflets' or 'cheap flyers' or 'discounted leaflets' or 'discounted flyers' are synonomous with bad quality. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean acceptable.

Although we use the term leaflets throughout this website, this also covers club flyers, flyers and flyer printing, mailshots etc. Flyers are sometimes classed differently due to to heavy stocks (i.e. board), but for simplicitiy, flyers and flyer printing are grouped under our leaflet and leaflet printing catagories.

Leaflets and Flyers are available as A6 leaflets, DL leaflets, A5 leaflets, A4 leaflets and folded A4 leaflet sizes. Our customers use our leaflet printing and flyer printing in all areas of business including: takeaway menus, menus, folded menus, A5 menus, A4 menus, DL menus, folded DL menus, folded A4 menus and all other type of menu printing found in indian menu printing, pizza menu printing, chinese menu printing and takeaway menu printing.

Our customers also use our heavier 300gsm gloss board flyers for Club flyers, Nightclub flyers, promotional flyers, nightclub leaflet printing, promotional club leaflet printing and many other types of flyer printing for clubs etc.

A leaflet or folded leaflet can also be used as a price list or folded pricelist. For example, an A4 folded price list (in half) or a 3 fold leaflet / tri fold leaflet or pamplet printing is used commonly in restaurant printing or beauty leaflets.

Our most popular leaflet print is our A5 leaflet printed on 130gsm gloss paper. Customers tend to order 1000 leaflets, 2500 leaflets or 5000 leaflets at a time as our leaflet printing prices are cheap in comparison to our competitors. A5 leaflet are commonly used for building leaflets, plumbing leaflets, hairdresser leaflets, electrician leaflets, charity leaflets, diy leaflets, financial leaflets, marketing leaflets, promotional leaflets, special offer leaflets and cheap leaflets when people are testing the water before ordering bulk leaflets.

Flyers can be commonly used for menu flyers, building flyers, plumbing flyers, hairdresser flyers, electrician flyers, charity flyers, diy flyers, financial flyers marketing flyers and promotional flyers.

Our leaflet printing and flyer printing can be printed in 24 hours by choosing our 24 hour printing option at the top of our website, which basically means we will despatch your flyers or leaflets in 24 hours. We still need 24 hours to print your colour leaflets or colour flyers however, so if you were to order at the end of the day, we can only count the working hours of the following day.

Fulll colour leaflet printing or full colour flyer printing is a term used when we use four colour printing (CMYK) for your flyers or leaflets to create a full colour print (as opposed to using 2-colour printing or spot colour printing).

We also offer leaflet design for A6 leaflets, DL leaflets, A5 leaflets, A4 leaflets and A4 folded leaflets. Design is also available on A6 flyers, DL flyers, A5 flyers, A4 flyers and A4 folded flyers. Design isnt available on 24 hour turnarounds as we require 3-4 days to design your leaflet or flyer for you.