How to provide your artwork  

Before you send your artwork, please take 2 minutes to work your way through our checklist, as this will
avoid any unnecessary delays or additional costs. As we are a trade only printer and use an automated
.PDF workflow, we do not send proofs or check your file(s) prior to print.

Files(s) must be supplied as PDF/X compliant PDFs (at the correct size and proportion of your order)
If you do not have .PDF creating software, you can download a PC version HERE.
3mm Safe Area and 3mm Bleed must be used
(3mm within the printable area to ensure nothing is cut off when guillotined)
File is supplied 1-UP CENTERED on a page (if you are ordering double sided, you MUST supply a 2 page .PDF - NOT two separate .PDF files)
(Our automated imposition software will 'grab' the image from the centre of the page,
meaning uncentered images, more than one on a page or wrong size will be cropped or printed with unwanted blank space)
All colours are only CMYK (no Pantones or RGB)
Any tint must have at least 8% value to be visible on the print.
All fonts are converted to curves or outlines
(otherwise fonts may be substituted by our press when printed with unusable results)
Images are a least 300dpi resolution
(anything less may look 'okay' on screen but will print pixelised or 'blocky')
Any Layers, Transparencies or Editable forms are flattened before creating your .PDF